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Milfoam is renowned Finnish manufacturer of agents and tools for firearms cleaning. Company offers unique solutions for cleaning all kinds of firearms based on the exceptional, patented foam technology, developed using the combination of traditional and cutting-edge methods. Products based on this technology are designed for cleaning firearms of any caliber. Milfoam products are successfully used by Finnish Armed Forces and many other users around the world.

Milfoam's patented technology guarantees many benefits and greater firearm efficiency. Among many other things, it provides greater equipment durability by eliminating the need for mechanical cleaning and ensures safe, effective removal of accumulated copper, gun powder remains and other pollutants.

Milfoam International Ltd. created a modern barrel cleaning system for wide range of calibers which meets the needs of a nowadays army and gives high-quality results. The system perfectly removes brass, copper, powder and aluminum residues alongside with rust and other residual remains from the barrel and chamber. Milfoam provides a solution combining both mechanical and chemical approach which results in Vibrating Pneumatic Bore Brush and usage of cutting-edge foam technology.

Preservatives & Cleaners

Milfoam Forrest Synthetic Gun Oil

Milfoam Forrest Oil

Milfoam Forrest Synthetic Gun Oil is fully synthetic oil produced on the basis of PAO oils and synthetic esters. It cleans, lubricates and protects against corrosion under various circumstances in wide temperatures ranges.

Advantages over other solutions:

  • approved by the current NATO specification: TL 9150-0078,
  • successfully passed tests for various firearms and shooting systems in many European countries (starting from small-caliber firearms and ending at barrel diameter of 155 mm),
  • does not contain solvents, particles and heavy metals,
  • does not emit any toxic fumes and odors,
  • safe both in usage and storage,
  • weapon is ready to fire right after conservation with Milfoam Forrest Oil,
  • freezing temperature up to -57 °C allows usage of firearm after oiling at low temperatures,
  • special dispensing tip ensuring precise oil distribution into every corner of weapons without getting one's hands dirty.

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Milfoam Forrest Oil 400 ml Milfoam Forrest Oil 150 ml
Milfoam Forrest Bore Cleaning Foam

Milfoam Forrest Foam

Milfoam Forrest Bore Cleaning Foam is the most modern way for cleaning the barrel - just enter it into the barrel, wait until thick, white foam fills it entirely and just let it work for 20-30 minutes, then remove it with a wick. The foam turns blue while reacting with copper, and it becomes black while in contact with gun powder and carbon. After the barrel is perfectly clean (in some cases very polluted barrels may require repetition of the cleaning process), it is enough to use Milfoam Forrest Oil for perfect barrel preservation.

Advantages over other solutions:

  • completely odorless,
  • does not contain ammonia,
  • does not emit any toxic fumes,
  • does not cause steel corrosion,
  • one product to remove gun powder, copper and carbon residues along with other pollutants,
  • easy distribution – working right after application,
  • very dense, does not cause leakage, covers the complete barrel (360 degrees).

The foam was tested, approved and gained positive feedback from Polish WITU (Military Institute of Armament Technology). It is widely used by military forces and police all around the world. The foam has NATO Stock Number (NSN).

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Milfoam Forrest Foam 500 ml Milfoam Forrest Foam 90 ml

Bore cleaning tools

Milfoam's Vibrating Pneumatic Brush (VPB)

Vibrating Pneumatic Brush (VPB)

Milfoam's Vibrating Pneumatic Brush (VPB) is designed to clean all firearm barrels on range 76-155mm for smooth and rifled barrels. The system can be used universally by simply changing the brush and centring cone.

VPB was designed to fulfil all existing requirements that have occurred by taking operational use new weapons and ammunitions. VPB is currently in use in many countries like e.x Finland, USA, Sweden and Japan. VPB is state of art design to clean gun barrels on field. The design makes the use of system very simple and parts are durable for field conditions.

The cleaning result of VPB has been designed to meet the standards. Milfoam Foam cleaning technology is widely on use and it is battle proven in Afghanistan.

The rugged design of the VPB enables it to withstand the rough handling of service usage and field conditions, in extreme operating temperature conditions varying from -20 °C to +55 °C.

The VPB is a portable system, packed in transit case. The system is easy to move and needs one person to carry it in transit case. VPB is using external pressured air for movement and air can be taken from portable compressor or even from vehicle air brake system. System itself does not include any electric parts. VPB can be used with any existing air compressor, which is giving ca. 200litre air/minute at 6 bar pressure.

The cleaning operation of the VPB can be easily accomplished by a one operator, day and night, in all weather, terrain and climatic conditions. During the cleaning operation, operator controls the movement of the brush. The detailed quick operator manual ensures the right cleaning process and standardizes the cleaning procedure.

The VPB Barrel Cleaning System is easy to maintain and repair. The modular structure makes the possible repair on field extremely easy by just changing the part. All parts can be changed without special tools or technical education. The System design is giving real life cycle costs benefit to use as parts are durable and needs minimum maintenance. The service life for VPB is designed to be more than 10 years on regular use. The simply design is making the long service time possible.

VPB has following advantages:

  • easy to use with one operator, preparations less than 5 minutes,
  • effective cleaning result can be obtained on field conditions,
  • minimum amount of maintenance and spare parts,
  • modular easy changeable brushes and spare parts,
  • cleaning process does not harm the barrel material and does not cause corrosion to the interior of the barrel,
  • can be used together with Milfoam Barrel Cleaning Foam,
  • gives high quality cleaning result with minimum amount of liquid and waste,
  • decoppering can be done in field conditions,
  • cleaning, drying and oiling can be done by using same equipment.
Milfoam's Foam Dispenser

Foam Dispenser

Milfoam's Foam dispenser is designed to expand the abilities of Milfoam Vibrating Pneumatic Brushes.

The dispenser efficiently spreads the bore cleaning foam inside the barrel allowing for decreasing the amount of foam beeing used for cleaning without affecting the result.

The dispenser has to be filled with Milfoam Forrest and inserted into the barrel. The next step is to start it allowing for distribution of the foam layer inside the barrel. The foam should be left inside the barrel for 20 - 30 minutes (same as the Milfoam Forrest Foam 500 and 90 ml). After that the barrel should be cleaned with Vibrating Pneumatic Brush according to its appropriate usage. The solution saves both time and manpower needed for barrel cleaning with the Vibrating Pneumatic Brush alone.

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